What is PVC?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) used on door surfaces is a plastic with a wide range of uses. It is the most common and known chemical material used in the production of doors and windows. Since PVC is a recyclable, that is, reusable, material, it is environmentally friendly.

What is the PVC Panel Door Production Process?

PVC door consists of three main production materials. Seren is the part made of solid wood surrounding the four sides of the door, 35×42 or 30×50 mm in size, attached to the neck, and joined with finger joint system and glue. Filling honeycomb is a Kraft material that is applied to the body of the door for support purposes, increasing the resistance of the door and making it light at the same time. PVC door surface is obtained by applying PVC material in the desired color to a 4 mm or 6 mm thick MDF panel. Sizing is done before edge banding. Locks and door handles are opened. If a pattern is to be given to the PVC door surface, the desired door pattern and shape is also given on the CNC machine. Before adhering PVC to the door surface, the pattern must be created on the CNC machine. Then, PVC material is applied to the MDF door surface with the help of heat. In summary, PVC door production consists of the stages of nailing the frame using spars, placing honeycomb filling inside the nailed door frame, pressing the PVC door surface, door sizing, adhering the edge band, opening the lock and door handle, removing dust and residues, packaging the door and making it ready for assembly.

What are the Technical Specifications of PVC Door?

PVC door leaf thickness is 42 mm, the thickness of the MDF panels used in production is 4 mm or 6 mm, and the thickness of the spars is 30 mm (6 mm + 30 mm + 6 mm = 42 mm). Side rails are made of spruce or fir wood that is resistant to moisture between 10% and 14%. Honeycomb filling with air holes is placed on this frame, which has reinforced lock and hinge areas. PVC door surfaces do not require painting. PVC doors are self-patterned and colored. The dimensions of the finished PVC door leaf are 90×209 cm. PVC doors can be produced in desired dimensions as room and WC doors. It is also possible to produce the PVC door as a double wing in the desired width.

What are the Advantages of PVC Door?

PVC door prices are more economical than other door models with natural wood coating. PVC doors are easy to clean, hygienic, and have many door model and pattern options. It is easy to install. It is resistant to sunlight, scratches and impacts. It is long lasting. PVC doors are among the doors with the most color alternatives. Additionally, it is suitable for use in all areas as an interior door.

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