TG-Battery 019 Outdo LiFePO4 12 Volt 200 Ah Lithium Battery with Digital Display

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  • Environmental friendly, long life, deep discharge, low weight, high safety with LiFeP04 cell
  • Real-time monitoring of battery status
  • 50A charge, 120A continuous discharge and 5 second 180A discharge
  • 100% deep discharge feature
  • High waterproof
  • Meeting use requirements even in harsh conditions with IP66 and higher rating
  • Maintenance-free design that can be installed in any direction
  • Easy setup
  • Environmentally friendly structure that does not contain corrosive liquids and harmful heavy metals
  • 50% lighter than lead-acid batteries
SKU:TG-Battery 019

Outdo digital display lithium battery has superior performance thanks to LiFePO4 cells. With its 95% deep discharge feature, Outdo LiFePO4 lithium batteries can be used to the fullest of energy. With the high-current charging feature, you can save time by charging the lithium batteries in a short time.

Outdo LiFePO4 energy storage series lithium battery; battery thanks to its waterproof design; Even if it is completely submerged for more than half an hour, it continues to operate normally. Battery; It has two interfaces, voltage and day display, and these interfaces can be changed with the touch key. The battery is controlled by the built-in smart chip. Under normal conditions, it does not require intervention. Battery alarm, mode switching, check start and usage days logging are performed depending on the condition of the battery.

Technicial Specifications

Capacity (25oC) 200 Ah (per 10 hours / 20 A)
Voltage 12V
Internal Resistance ≤ 30 mΩ (fully charged at 25oC)
Temperature Affected Capacity 101 % / 40oC, 100% / 25oC, 93% / 0oC, 65% / -20oC
Residual Capacity (25 oC) 87 % / 3 months after storage
74% / after 6 months of storage
50% / after 12 months of storage
Charge (Constant Voltage) / Cycle (25oC) Initial charge current > 30 A, Voltage 14.4 V ~ 15 V
Charge (Constant Voltage) / Standby (25oC) Voltage 13.6 V ~ 13.8 V
Max. Discharge current 60 A (continuous), 90 A (5 seconds)
Terminal LC4
Pole + –
Dimensions (±2) 484 x 170 x 241 mm
Weight 23 kg


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