TG-Submersible Pump 001 4 inch 20 Meters 0.68Hp 80mss 3m³/h

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RPM (D/D) : 2900 D/D
Electricity (Voltage) : 220 Volt (Monofaze)
Head (mss) : 71-80 mss
Immersion Depth (mss) : 41-50 Metre
kW : 0.55 kW
Hp : 0.75 Hp
Cable Length (m) : 20 Metre
Outlet Connection Diameter (inch) : 1”
Liquid Flow (m³/h) : 2-3 m³/h
SKU:TG-Submersible Pump 001

These types of pumps are designed to operate in water. It is used in domestic water supply, general water supply, agricultural irrigation and sprinkler systems. Max. The water transfer temperature is 35 C.
With its spiral structure, it has the feature of giving higher and more abundant water with its smaller engine power.
They can flood up to 80 meters high. They can be lowered down to a depth of 60 meters by adding 20 meters of cable alone. They can give a maximum of 2 tons of water per hour.


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