TG-Submersible Pump 055 24 Volt DC Solar Powered 70mm Outer Diameter 140 Watt Panel 50mss 1.3m³/h

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Product Type : Single Pump
Voltage : 24 Volt
Power (Watts) : 140 Watts
Max. Head (mss) : 50 Metre
Max Flow (m³/h) : 1.3 m³/h
SKU:TG-Submersible Pump 055

Solar solar powered submersible pumps are a product that can operate only with solar energy without the need for mains electricity, generator or any other electricity source. The product is designed to be used for many years with its high quality structure and control panel. The control and protection panel protects the product against malfunctions and automatic operation can be automated.

Advantages of 24 Volt Solar Solar Powered Dc Submersible Pump

  • Low voltage protection
  • High voltage protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Protection against engine stall and overheating
  • Protection against running out of water in the well
  • When water accumulates in the well again, the automatic activation time can be adjusted and it is activated automatically.
  • If the tank is flooded, it stops automatically when the tank is full, and fills it automatically when the water in the tank is low.
  • It can be integrated into automatic irrigation systems with outlet sensors.
  • You can control the running speed of the motor and adjust it according to your need.
  • Automatic activation when this situation returns to normal after protecting the motor from overheating, current-voltage problems.
  • By connecting the battery and the battery, the pump can be started when the sun is absent or insufficient.
  • There is no need for an extra charge controller for battery connection, this feature is available in the panel. Batteries can be connected directly to the panel.


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