TG-Submersible Pump 059 24 Volt DC Jet Solar Stainless Body 36 mss 3 m³/h

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Product Type : Single Pump
Voltage : 24 Volt
Power (Watts) : 550 Watts
Max. Head (mss) : 36 Metre
Max Flow (m³/h) : 3 m³/h
Max. Amper : 24 Amper
SKU:TG-Submersible Pump 059

Our product works with 24 volt dc electricity and is specially produced for use in solar energy and solar systems. It has the feature of working from the battery or directly from the solar panel, but it would be more appropriate to operate it with an inverter or driver so that it is not affected by electrical fluctuations.

It is a very high quality and efficient product, a super product with the same capacity as an AC operating pump. It has a pressure of 3.6 bar and has a water transfer capacity of 3 tons per hour.

Where is the 24 Volt Dc Jet Pump Used?

  • In general water transfer and water supply applications up to 3 tons per hour
  • Garden irrigation and irrigation of small fields
  • As a water booster in houses and buildings up to 3 flats,
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation applications in gardens,
  • You can safely use it to supply water from wells with a water level of up to 9 meters.


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