TG-Battery 015 Orbus 24 Ah 12 Volt Electric Bicycle Gel Battery

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  • High corrosion resistant performance, Pb-Ca multi-alloy outer box
  • Excellent charge acceptance capability
  • Optimized, instant high current discharge capability
  • High energy and power density
  • Strong high and low temperature performance
  • Low self-discharge rate
SKU:TG-Battery 015

It is a deep cycle gel battery with long life and maximum performance, specially produced for electric bicycles with carbon technology. It has higher performance and longer life than conventional electric bicycle batteries. Due to its gel type feature, it collects itself immediately.

Technicial Specifications

Rated Voltage 12V
Capacity 24 Ah
Max. Charge Current (25oC) 3 A
Operating Temperature -20oC ~ +50oC
Pole Head M5
Outer Case Material ABS
Dimensions 180 x 76 x 167 mm
Weight 7 kg

** Gel battery; It is recommended to use at room temperature between 20-30oC in order to avoid performance loss and to use it for a longer life.


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