TG-Solar Charge Controller 029 Lexron 40Ah 12-24 Volt LCD Display

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  • Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology
  • Minimum 99.5% monitoring efficiency
  • Up to 97% performance and maximum conversion efficiency
  • Super fast max power tracking speed
  • Accurately defined and monitored, the max. power point
  • Reliable maximum input power in the PV array
  • Wide operating voltage range for PV array maximum power point
  • LCD display dynamically displaying operating data and status
  • Various load control modes (general, light, dual time, pure charger, timing)
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Selectable charging process for sealed, gel, aqueous, LifePO4 and Li (NiCoMn)O2 batteries
  • RS485 methods to maximize different communication needs
  • Supports PC monitor, external display unit and other peripherals
  • Power statistics recording function
SKU:TG-Solar Charge Controller 029

MPPT solar charge controllers; Thanks to its advanced MPPT technology, it always keeps the power at the top with its maximum power point tracking (MPPT) capability. It transfers almost all of the power produced by the solar panel to the load and batteries with the MPPT charging system. MPPT charge controllers; Microprocessor control ensures safe and efficient charging of batteries with the latest algorithms. It can work like a mini automation system. It provides stable operation in all situations with its smart power point tracker algorithm for efficient use of energy. It provides integrated communication with all protocols such as RS485 output, 4-20mA output, RS232, Seriport, Modbus, Modbus Ascii, Mosbus RTU, which can be connected to the MSMPORT interface and needed in the industrial field. It can send all system parameters to SCADA, PLC or microprocessor cards.

Usage Areas: Large off-grid solar energy systems, solar lighting systems, timed irrigation systems, home automation systems, telecom base stations

Technicial Specifications

Charging System MPPT
System Voltage 12 V / 24 V (automatic recognition)
Max. Charge / Discharge Current 40 A
Battery Input Voltage Range 8 ~ 32 V
Max. Solar Panel Input Voltage 75 V
Charge Voltage 13.8 V / 12 V, 27.6 V / 24 V
No-Load Power Consumption ≤ 9.2 mA / 12 V, ≤ 11.7 mA / 24 V
Temperature Compensation -4 mV/oC (25oC)
Operating Temperature -20oC – +55oC
Operating Humidity ≤ 95% (non-condensing)
Battery Type Closed, aqueous, gel, LiFePO4
Low Voltage Protection (LVD) 10.8 V / 12 V, 21.6 V / 24 V
Low Voltage Recovery (LVR) 12.6 V / 12 V, 25.2 V / 24 V
Battery Overvoltage Protection (HVD) 16 V / 12 V, 32 V / 24 V
Charge Cycle Voltage Drop ≤ 0.29 V
Discharge Cycle Voltage Drop ≤ 0.16 V
Light Control Voltage 5 V
Grounding Positive grounding
Protection Class IP30
Dimensions 216 x 170 x 69 mm
Weight 1.125 kg

Electronic Protections

  • Battery high voltage
  • Battery low voltage
  • High voltage
  • Overload


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