TG-Submersible Pump 029 4 Inch Three Phase 380 V 2 HP

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RPM (D/D) : 2900 D/D
Electricity (Voltage) : 380 Volt
kW : 1.5 kW
HP : 2 Hp
Cable Length (m) : 1 Metre
SKU:TG-Submersible Pump 029

4SMT20 submersible pump motors are Sumak’s own production, can be rewound and can operate in water wells with a temperature of not more than 30°C and a PH value between 6.5 and 8.0. The engine is oil cooled. Approved by pharmacological institutes. Coupling and flange dimensions comply with NEMA norms. These submersible motors are specifically designed to work in conjunction with all submersible pumps conforming to NEMA Standards. The supply electricity can be single-phase or three-phase. Single-phase models start from 1 HP and continue up to 2 HP, while three-phase models start from 1 HP up to 3 HP. Submersible motors are usually mounted vertically.


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