TG-Solar Charge Controller 009 Abax ESCD-60 60Ah 12-24 Volt LCD Display

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  • Automatic system voltage recognition
  • LCD screen
  • Easy to use with two buttons
  • 3-stage PWM charging mode
  • Intelligent high efficiency
  • Time-defined load control
  • Reliable switching for street lighting
  • Temperature controlled battery charging
  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over discharge protection
SKU:TG-Solar Charge Controller 009

Charge controllers with high efficiency PWM circuit; It is the protection point of solar energy systems, it regulates the current and voltage coming from the solar panel and ensures that the batteries are charged in a healthy way. After the battery is full, it cuts off the charging current and prevents the battery from being charged over its capacity. From the LCD screen on it; The instantaneous charge status and voltage value of the batteries, the total ampere hour value coming from the solar panel to the battery and voltage and current can be monitored. Charge voltage, upper and lower voltage values of the battery can be adjusted according to the type of battery used. Thanks to the built-in 12V/24V lighting output, DC devices can be used without the need for an inverter.

Automatic lighting can be provided in the evenings by adjusting the day/night setting. By transmitting the energy in one direction, it prevents the battery from being discharged in the evenings when there is no production. It is suitable for charge management of photovoltaic power plants and can be widely used in solar power generation systems such as homes, pastoral areas and border defense systems.

Technicial Specifications

Charging System PWM
System Voltage 12 V / 24 V (automatic recognition)
Max. Charge / Discharge Current 60 A
Max. Solar Panel Input Voltage < 55 V
Charge Voltage 13.8 V / 12 V, 27.6 V / 24 V
Quick Charge 14.4 V / 12 V, 28.8 V / 24 V
No Load Power Consumption < 12 mV
Temperature Compensation -24 mV/oC / 12 V, -48 mV/oC / 24 V
Operating Temperature -20oC – +55oC
Low Voltage Protection (LVD) 11 V / 12 V, 22 V / 24 V
Low Voltage Recovery (LVR) 12.6 V / 12 V, 25.2 V / 24 V
Battery Overvoltage Protection (HVD) 16.5 V / 12 V, 33 V / 24 V
Has Overload Current Protection (restarts every 2 minutes)
Connection Cable 28 ~ 10 AWG
Protection Class IP32
Dimensions 168 x 92 x 41.5 mm
Weight 320 g


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